The Honour of《EP.PSM》

       EP.PSMThe Honour of Excellent Photographer of PSM: Since the first Macao Salon back in 1981, The Macao International Salon of Photography awards the EP.PSM title to participants who have won qualifications for a total of 9 or more entries in the same section in 3 consecutive MISP Exhibitions. The participant will be awarded a certificate of merits and can enjoy a life-long free participation in future MISP to be held by PSM. However, EP.PSM still have to pay their own postage for sending in salon catalogue. Participants who have won the afore-said qualifications may download an application form for this title from our PSM website: and return the completed form by e-mail to: or by post to: PSM Salon Chairman, P.O.BOX 876 MACAU S.A.R.

*** NOTE: 

         Through the past few Macao Salons, titles of sections have been revised several times. To make things easy for EP.PSM applicants we are adding the following to the existing regulations: a) Monochrome Prints and Monochrome Digital Images will fall into the same group. b) Colour Prints and Colour Digital Images in the same group. c) Colour Slides, Colour Projected Images (Slides) and Colour Projected Images (Digital) and Colour Digital Images in the same group.

Download The EP.PSM Application Form